Shipping & Returns

  1. Items are shipped via USPS and UPS
  2. Time frame is 2-3 working days
  3. Returns will only be accepted with store tags.
  4. Refunds or even exchanges will be given in the manner received up to 90 days from purchase. (Credit Card payments will be refunded to card)
  5. It is at the stores discretion to refuse returns on items which have been worn or laundered.
  6. Shipping is at the buyers expense, on both purchases and returns.
  7. Customer will be notified of back ordered items prior to the time of shipment. Shipping charges will be incurred on all back orders.
  8. Back Orders must be paid in full at time of original order.
  9. Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of receipt of online order and payment processing. All online orders must be cancelled either online or by phone within 24 hours.